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Tokai Guitars News

Some of North America's best guitar players are using Tokai guitars and basses to produce their music in live performances and session work alike. Check out our artist page and see the pros who are using Tokai Guitars.


The quality of the new Tokai Guitars is flawless. The fit of the neck joints is impeccable. The finish is second to none and attention to detail is superb. Tokai Guitars use top quality hard rock maple necks with real rosewood fretboards, and alder bodies. Gotoh hardware and Alnico Pickups are the icing on the cake.


Legendary vintage styling based on years of successful production guarantees satisfaction and value. Do yourself a favour and play a new Tokai !


Arriving soon in Canada. Tokai Talbo, Tokai Maverick, and Tokai JM. Also Cats Eye Acoustics arriving this summer.


Tokai Guitars Canada Dealer For Tokai Guitars Japan
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